Whom would you like to address the BGC dinner next year?

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Now that it’s all said and done, we at Pioneer have a moment to reflect on the BGC. Though admittedly biased, we do believe it was a great success: 280 contest entries, 360 awards dinner guests, and 2 very fine speeches, delivered by Springfield (MA) Mayor Charlie Ryan and Governor Deval Patrick. (As an aside, our condolences to Springfield on losing out to Springfield, Vermont in the contest to host the world premiere of the upcoming Simpson’s movie. A red carpet in Vermont? Who would’ve thunk it?)

Looking to the future, we have already started kicking around the office names of people we would like to invite to be next year’s guest speaker. As some people expressed, shall we say, pleasant or, alternatively, dismayed surprise at our choice of speaker this year, we thought we would solicit the blogosphere for suggestions for next year’s speaker. To that end, let us know whom we should invite to be the 2008 BGC awards dinner featured speaker. Leave us a comment here on the blog or call us directly at the office, (617) 723-2277. Any and all suggestions are welcome.