Urban education on the move… elsewhere

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Passed on by Whitney Tilson of Democrats for Education Reform:

Some great news from Washington DC — and by a 10-3 vote! (courtesy of the Center for Education Reform):

The Council of the District of Columbia approved the Public Education Personnel Reform Act late this afternoon, 10-3, after several hours of deliberations. The act would give D.C. Chancellor Michelle Rhee the authority to turn around the district, including cutting ineffective or unproductive personnel in central administration. A majority of the Council embraced this historical landmark reform, recognizing the need for drastic change within the D.C. Public School System. This act shall take effect after final approval by Mayor Adrian Fenty and a 30-day period of Congressional review.

In DC they mean business. Back home, we are still debating MCAS and charters.  And the number of urban schools on the federal watch list continues to climb.