Turning up the heat on MCAS

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I don’t know how or why the Gov’s folks think moving away from the MCAS is something they are going to get any buy-in on.  If you want to push it to the end of the school year, as many teachers have long asked–sure, that makes sense.  If you want to limit the number of days a school can take to give the exam–sure, makes sense.  But the attempt to sell this as a question of whether the MCAS is “a” versus “the” requirement is too lawyerly. 

In a previous post, I went through the Worcester T&G’s take on the Gov’s plan.  Take a look at Jon Keller’s blog “Deval’s MCAS Folly”.  Tough words from Keller:

And if he thinks the Board of Education will benefit by planting an anti-testing disciple on it, that’s his prerogative.

But kill or marginalize MCAS? Talk about forgetting where you came from.

Them are fightin’ words. The heat is being turned up, and given the miscalculation, it is as if the Governor stuck his arm out of the pan and did it to himself.