Tuesday Quick Hits

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– Holub out? I haven’t followed it closely but the Globe suggests that UMASS-Amherst Chancellor Holub is on his way out after just three years. One of the data points the article refers to is a survey of professors that shows dissatisfaction with the Chancellor. Its not entirely clear but the survey appears to be one of those on-line, opt-in surveys, not a scientific sampling. So that means approximately 100 (self-selected?) respondents (out of 1000+ faculty members) are responsible for the failing grade given to Holub.

– Referee Needed. The Patrick Administration is claiming big $$$ savings from the opening of the automobile insurance market to competition. (A view I agree with and a stance for which the Governor does not get enough credit.) Yet, Attorney General Martha Coakley is still doggedly critical. Who’s right?

– Time to Get HOT? The HOV lane on the Southeast Expressway is not getting a huge amount of traffic and costs a $1m to run. It may be time to change it from an HOV to a tolled lane that allows single occupancy vehicles to use it for a fee. Might provide some needed revenue or at least defray the cost of operating that Zipper truck twice a day.