Top 10 Reasons I Will Not Be Running for Tobin's Council Seat

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10 – don’t actually live in district

9 – weekend attire of Celtics/Red Sox gear, mesh shorts and flip-flops considered unstatesmanlike

8 – equally unpopular with public safety employees and progressives

7 – not prepared to explain “It’s Polish, but my mom’s Irish” a million times

6 – far right-wing rants in college op-eds might come back to haunt me (actually, never mind…..)

5 – most district residents know me from screaming at (my own) unruly children at Roche Brothers

4 – have never sponsored little league or soccer team

3 – absolutely no relation whatsoever to anyone named Coppinger

2 – still not on Menino Machine’s Christmas Card list

1 – little-known rule reserves post for a graduate of CM