Storrow Tunnel, falling down. . .

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…and the Longfellow Bridge isn’t looking too good, either.

This week, both the Globe and the Governor (see below) have confirmed what everyone else who drives, rides, walks or breathes already knew: the state of the state is shaky. And leaky. And rusty, potholed and occasionally scary.

From the State House News:

Responding to a question about the Boston Globe’s front page story on the 56-year-old tunnel’s lack of waterproofing when it was first built, Patrick said, “It’s another example of the persistent neglect of our transportation infrastructure that goes back many decades.” …Patrick said the problem points out the importance of paying attention to the upkeep of the state’s roads and bridges “an ongoing basis and not just on an emergency basis.”

We couldn’t agree more. Look for our new White Paper, “Our Legacy of Neglect: The Longfellow Bridge and the Cost of Deferred Maintenance,” to be released next Tuesday. July 31 marks the Bridge’s 100th birthday; the paper explains how to keep all of our built infrastructure out of the ER.