Someone please strip of him of his chairmanship

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It seems Edolphus Towns, the incoming Democratic Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, is calling for hearings on college football’s Bowl Championship Series. He’s even considering subpoenas for NCAA officials, coaches, players, athletic directors and college presidents.

So, let me get this straight. The economy’s in meltdown, Israel has launched a war on Hamas in Gaza, we’re fighting two wars of our own, Russia’s doing it’s annual cut-off-the-gas-to-Ukraine routine, no one seems able to account for the first $350 billion distributed during phase one of the financial sector bailout, the national debt is about to cruise by $10 trillion at 65 mph, if there’s a single state out of the 50 that isn’t staring a yawning budget gap in the face, I don’t know about it, none of this takes into account the public employee pension and health care liabilities that are just waiting to explode at every level of government or the fact that health care spending now accounts for roughly 16% of GDP, and its heading north, not to mention that despite spending billions of dollars on public education in this country too many poor and minority children, particularly males, have a greater chance of winding up in jail than they do going to college. Yet we need hearings because, in the Representative from New York’s own words,

I think you really do not get a true No. 1 out of (the Bowl Championship Series)

By all means, let’s tackle the hard stuff first.