Promises, promises

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During the campaign, we heard that good ideas were what mattered — what didn’t was whether it was a Democrat or Republican idea.

We did a check-in at around the 100-day mark, when the Harshbarger & Co. Cleaning Crew came up with the brilliant idea of cleaning out all the Republican appointees. As Frank Phillips put it, the first priority for the shadow advisory group (Ron Homer, Scott Harshbarger, pollster Tom Kiley, state Dem Party chair John Walsh, and political consultants/advisers John Marttila, Dennis Kanin, and Michael Goldman) was

to crack the whip on the administration’s lagging efforts to replace Republican-appointed government managers with a team loyal to Patrick.

Now the work’s been done — out Harry Spence (Social Services), Alan LeBovidge (Revenue) and others, even some embarrassing announcements that got fixed, such as Luisa Paiewonsky (Highway Commish). (BTW, Guv, Luisa’s not a Republican though she was hired by the Mittster.) Is it possible that the Governor is starting to make the Mittster look bipartisan? Where is Governor Patrick’s Doug Foy?