Pioneer has a new Home Page

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In our continuing effort to bring more and more information to you, our online readers, we have just unveiled our new home page. New features include Mass Media – links to articles of note in local media outlets, both those that reference Pioneer and those that do not (We are aware, sometimes painfully, that it is not a Pioneercentric universe.); direct links to our research centers, including their snazzy new logos; and our rotating quotes feature – each time you return to the home page you should see a different quote from such disparate sources as Frederick Douglass, F.A. Hayek and the Massachusetts Constitution.

And, if you’ve been to our website recently, you may have noticed the donate button, not just on the new home page, but throughout the site. We debated internally whether the buttons are a little too in-your-face, but, in the end, we decided we need the money. We can’t do what we do, provide you the services and information we do, without your support. So, if you have liked what you’ve read over the past few months, please consider making a donation to Pioneer Institute. Small or large, we will appreciate it. Also, Pioneer now accepts Discover and American Express.