Patrick comes out for school choice!

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Your Excellency,

We at Pioneer were feeling as double-crossed as perhaps Bobby Haynes.  We were feeling it on school choice, knowing that you benefited from the school choice opportunity provided by the “A Better Chance” foundation to attend Milton Academy.  Bobby felt it on being double-crossed by the Doubleday deal, when you double-booked on the day of the casino vote.  He stayed on the Hill and earned himself the Speaker’s ire.  As someone who respects the free-market, I hope you got a good deal.

Now, I know that it is difficult to come right out and say you are for school choice, so I think the sophisticated way you did it is just great.  According to today’s Globe, “an unspecified portion of [your] royalties and speaking fees will go to ‘A Better Chance'” — yes, the very same organization that helped you in your personal trajectory and growth, and ultimately to electoral success.  We all know it will be an inspiring autobiography.

All I ask now is that you either sell an awful lot of books to make school choice an option for the thousands of urban kids in “underperforming” (what we educated people call failing) schools, or you have a change of heart and change state policies to make that a reality.