Offensive and Wrong

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One of the card-carrying members of this town’s great and good, Judy Meredith, contributes the following to a Blue Mass Group discussion of Matt Amorello’s arrest:

thanks for this ernie (6.00 / 4)
so sad for Matt, not a bad fellow at all.
I suspect too many police officers are high school bullies who were too stupid for community college and lacked the self control required by organized crime.
by: Judy Meredith @ Tue Aug 10, 2010 at 09:09:01 AM CDT

I include the entire comment (despite the awkward formatting) so no one can say its taken out of context.

This space has not always had a great relationship with the public safety community (examples here and here), but I’ve always strived to keep the tone respectful. Having had the good fortune to get to know a number of police officers as fathers, mothers, and neighbors, it makes me cringe when I read generalizations like this from people who supposedly know better.

Aside from the unfair smearing of an entire group of people, she’s also wrong. Thanks in no small part to the Quinn Bill, large numbers of police officers are not only smart enough for community college, but hold bachelors, masters, and law degrees.