My AM 8 Thoughts on Yesterday's Election

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1) Suzanne Bump’s resounding victory over Guy Glodis and Mike Lake has to be the surprise of the night. She came within 3000 votes of winning an outright majority.

2) Glodis only won his stronghold of Worcester by 1,359 votes (with pretty light turnout). Almost makes one wonder if someone in the firmament of Worcester political stars did not really deliver for Glodis.

3) On the topic of not delivering the vote, Stephen Murphy only beat Grossman by ~4000 votes in Boston. So, Murphy can manage 50,000 votes in the city in an off-year council race (where voters get four choices to be fair), yet less than half that in the Treasurer’s race.

4) I’m guessing that Suzanne Bump was Mary Z. Connaughton’s last choice as an opponent in the general election.

5) How does Mike Rush lose Dedham and Norwood (where he has the backing of McMurtry and Coughlin and Rogers) to Michael Walsh (who is from Westwood)? This might suggest an opening for Brad Williams (or that Rush needs to roll up big numbers in West Roxbury again). My hunch is that the general election turnout will be driven by the Governor’s race, and that may not be Rush’s friend.

6) Mac D’Allesandro demonstrates that going against an entrenched incumbent with a solid, motivated ground game is not enough. I saw his folks all over the place all day knocking on doors and doing the GOTV thing. Surprisingly weak result.

7) Congrats to Ed Coppinger for his impressive victory in the hotly contested 10th Suffolk. However, I don’t think electoral politics is done with Kelly Tynan.

8) Its not a lot of votes, but what is the deal with that sliver of Murphy Country out west running from North Adams to Washington?