Market approaches to blogging

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Subsequent to a number of emails on the post mentioning Tom Waits, which ranged from deranged and delightful to slightly frightful, I have decided to push the celebrity mention scheme for drawing traffic to the blog. Here goes:

Paris Hilton

Lindsay Lohan

Brad Pitt

George Clooney

Please note that, henceforth, in accordance with Pioneer General Laws, Chapter 39B, Section 3(a)4.t: All blog entries forthwith must begin with, or within the first 17 1/2 words utilize celebrity names according to the provisions set forth in the present statute. No more than two names shall appear in the blog title, which shall appear at the top of the blog entry. Up to three names can appear in the first 17 1/2 words of the blog entry, unless one or more names appears in the blog title, at which point you will need to go to court and be sure to pay the Clerk of the Court $40 unless the judiciary decides that it is unnecessary. The names are to be chosen from among a list of up to 123 3/4 names determined by the Commission for Celebrity Naming (CCN), which will be composed of 13 1/3 individuals, 3 of whom will be appointed by the Governor, among whom 3 will actually be chosen by the State Police Officer standing guard right outside the Governor’s Office; 4 of whom will be selected by the Senate President, among whom will be one sister-in-law of the Senate President’s Education Advisor, one sycophant film-maker who is best known for the number of buttons missing from his shirt and how the last one miraculously is always just below the length of his beard, … more.

For those of you who are interested, our P.G.L. statute for celebrity cribs is in the subsequent chapter and has been largely unused because of the fact that most citizens of Pioneerland have been unable to get past our Chapter 40A, which is only slightly shorter and less complicated than the Massachusetts version.