It’s about the children – ugly, mean and expensive

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On October 5, Pioneer is releasing a survey of state tax deduction and tax credit programs in other states that have been used to offer scholarships to inner city kids. Come one, come all.

Other states have charged ahead of Massachusetts in promoting parental involvement and school choice.  New York is pushing charters, and New City is moving to create dozens of new charter schools through the Uncommon Schools effort.  Florida, Minnesota and Arizona have long advanced tax deduction and tax credit programs.  And then in February Utah passed a far-reaching voucher law.

If you think proponents of the status quo and self-interest are taking this all sitting down, you are decidedly wrong. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the reaction of the Utah teachers union to passage of the voucher law. Seems that the Utah Education Association’s head honcho went to the National Education Association convention with her hat out, promising that

her campaign to defeat [the voucher law] “will be ugly, mean and expensive”.

The NEA was moved by this plea and has, it seems, approved of the UEA’s request to the tune of $3 million. On its vision/mission/values page, the NEA notes that it

believes every child in America, regardless of family income or place of residence, deserves a quality education.

All about the children, yes, all about the children.