Governor’s Pep Rally on Health Care Cost Containment

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Governor Patrick held an informational briefing on cost containment.

The problem is that all things are not equal — insurance premiums are rising at an unsustainable rate…I am a private marketeer, not a market fundamentalist. I don’t think the market always gets it right and I don’t think the market has gotten it right in this case.

I heard nothing new from the Administration, only the same unwavering faith in their ability to manage and regulate the marketplace.  I am not sure what the next step is, as the Governor’s bill calls for the details for payment reform and cost containment to form in the regulatory arena, and I don’t believe the Legislature will give that sort of power to the Executive Branch.


So I guess we can all look forward to  more passionate speeches from the Governor, fawning from his supporters, and obstinance from the Legislature as they slowly try to figure out the details for a plan.