Ever Met A Tax Incentive You Didn’t Like?

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Remarkable to read the Globe’s endorsement today of the latest ‘flavor of the month’ tax credit. The latest (remember nanotech, cleantech, life sciences, film production?) favored industry is video game production.

Given the implosion of the Evergreen Solar deal, one would think that targeted tax incentives aimed at specific niche industries would have to pass a pretty high bar at this point. But the Globe apparently thinks the policy remains sound, despite the Evergreen setback. Their reasoning? The Globe falls back on its mantra-like recitation of ‘clean energy’. Clean energy is important, but it doesn’t justify high risk investments and its not going to signficantly move the employment needle.

PS — In case, you were wondering — the Globe is also still sticking with its support of the film tax credit, despite now voluminous evidence of its poor returns and widespread leakage over state lines.