Erroll Tyler and the IJ lawsuit

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Kudos to the Globe editorial page and to the Boston Herald for picking up on an important lawsuit regarding Erroll Tyler’s attempt for seven years now (isn’t that long enough, folks?!) to open up a small business in the Boston area. You would think that we are rolling in dough and trying to push away the business tax revenue…

Erroll Tyler’s dream is to launch Nautical Tours, a cutting-edge amphibious vehicle tour service based in Cambridge. But, like countless cities across the country, Boston appears to be using its licensing power to protect existing businesses from honest competition by denying others their basic right to earn a living.

Last week, the Institute for Justice filed a major federal lawsuit against the City of Boston on behalf of Erroll. Check out IJ’s 3 1/2-minute video on Erroll’s fight.

We expect to help as much as we can in IJ’s campaign for “economic liberty.” Since when should urban entrepreneurs have to beg for years just to get a chance at moving up the ladder of American society?