Drone Surveillance Technology – The Sky’s the Limit!

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Drones have owned the world by their soft, almost inaudible buzzing. Yet, for all their innocence, drones are powerful tools that can be leveraged with success to serve many and different purposes. Where most existing technologies coined by humans have failed in the past, drones have succeeded and that is precisely what is happening in the 21st century.  Drones are everywhere and they are helping the police, entertainment venues, and airports to keep the products they offer safe. Whether it's a live concert, your business, or your home, a drone can come to your aid and ensure that everything goes according to plan without any hiccups.

Business Drone Surveillance

Drone surveillance is used for many purposes these days. Some focus on consumer use while others have a more focused and "corporate" goal, such as business drone surveillance. There are many reasons why you may want to hire a drone or firm operating drones. Something as simple as storage houses can often be the object of crime but drones are there to stop it from happening.  While a person could secure a warehouse, a drone will be able to operate in all weather conditions, use different sensors to read the potential presence of intruders regardless of the time of day, and more. Business surveillance drones are so good that they are the first choice for many businesses that need to secure large facilities or just want to ensure that there will be no security breaches.

Crowd Surveillance

Another area in which drones excel is clearly crowd surveillance. Thanks to their software, drones are able to deploy rapid solutions and move quickly through large numbers. While you may be thinking that controlling a crowd could be difficult, a drone equipped with AI technology can read crowds quickly.  A company may deploy such crowd surveillance for a variety of reasons. It may use it to pinpoint the exact location of individuals and because of how mobile the drone is it's much easier to keep scanning areas without necessarily installing cameras there.  One shortcoming of drones was their battery lives but that has improved significantly. As a result, drones can now last much longer, providing an even better service. They are able to use:

  • Facial recognition
  • Biometric readings
  • Temperature check

All of this is proving even more important at a time when venue safety is so much more important. A drone is not only there to observe the crowd. It can respond to emergencies and track down anything that is urgent to the people in charge of observing the event.

Anti-Drone Detection

While drones can be great, there is another aspect of drone surveillance technology that is important – fighting other drones. Unauthorized drones can be a security risk to many people and that is why companies that specialize in drone surveillance will make sure they have the tools to take care of this.  Some businesses insist that they have anti-drone systems in place lest competitors try to spy on them, for example. There are many efficient ways to ensure that you can fight drones whether you use those EMP ground-based systems or just dispatch other drones to "capture" the trespasser in an exciting and often brief aerial drone warfare.  

Deploying Drones for Border Security

As it turns out, it's not just private companies that deploy drones. Border securities are keen on obtaining drones that allow them to quickly do surveillance of big regions. The "bird-view" option drones bring to the table is first cheap and second – highly efficient.  It allows border security to quickly get a read of what is going on out there without dispatching any units which often cost a lot of money.

drone security systems

It also allows the hands-on personnel to be smaller, as there is no need for anyone to respond unless there is an emergency that can be communicated via a phone message for example.  Overall, drones can serve many and different purposes and they are always reliable options for people looking to protect their businesses and interests. Border security is absolutely no different.

2021 – Year of the Drone?

Drone surveillance is becoming extremely popular and while this raises new challenges – such as criminals using drones to get an edge – law enforcement is the one benefiting the most as legislators are keen on authorizing police forces to use drones, as well as licensed companies.  The future of drone surveillance is one that you would be interested in finding out more about and that is a fact.