Calling Glenn Koocher

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I am pretty sure you have seen the number of online tools Pioneer has created for citizens interested in government transparency and civic engagement on issues like government performance, regionalization, the quality of our schools, etc. Here is a breath of fresh air blowing north from Rhode Island. I was going to say Rhode Island of all places, but then remembered that I am a former Rhodey guy…

The Regionalization Clearinghouse
The GIC Cost Estimator (general, Revere, and there are other community estimators – just ask)

So, we were very interested to see that the RI Association of School Committees now puts all their collective bargaining agreements on-line for members — something that could help communities greatly as they negotiate with their local teachers unions. And it comes with model language!

P.s to Glenn Koocher – this sort of information would be super on the Massachusetts Association of School Committees site.

P.s.s. to MA Ed Commissioner Chester – You guys have collected these contracts. When will the public be able to see the contracts on the DESE website?