Boston's proposed school assignment plan

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Today’s Globe describes the coalition that is forming to fight back against Boston School Superintendent Carol Johnson’s plan to move from three to five school assignment zones to save roughly $10 million in transportation costs. My thoughts on the topic are, in no particular order of importance:

1) The opposing coalition is right. The city should not be reducing the number of schools from which students and their parents can choose, which is what would happen if the city moved from three to five assignment zones. I would argue the city should expand choice through charter schools and other mechanisms.

2) Which brings me to point #2: would this same coalition be willing to support charter schools as vocally as they are opposing the proposed school assignment plan? My hunch is, unfortunately, no.

3) The bus drivers union is part of the coalition? Really? Personally, I’m surprised by this, as they don’t seem to have a dog in this hunt.

4) Mayoral candidate Sam Yoon can neither confirm nor deny he is a member of the coalition. Not entirely sure, but probably not the display of candidate courage that’s going to help close a 42 point gap between himself and Mayor Menino. Pick a side, Sam.