An even happier Fourth

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… and perhaps an unhappy fifth.

The deed is done. I made it through the Arnold Mills four-miler far faster than I had thought, executed with aplomb and a fine Pioneer-esque strategy.

I gave due consideration to the Greek psychology (mine), which is based primarily on avoidance of shame. I thought of what was achievable and paced myself.

To be specific, I made my way to a place within eyeshot of a teenager, who I had overheard telling her dad how she was training but just couldn’t take it seriously. Music to my ears. I stayed throughout the race within eyeshot and came away right smack in the middle of the 500-plus runner race.
Chicken Brother

I feel good, red-faced and ready for breakfast, and am delighting in shaming my brothers who chickened out.

See Chicken Brother #2 (at right). Notice the beady eyes and less than trustful smirk. How my mother raised such a child, we cannot explain.

Certainly, there may be a little less to crow about tomorrow. I am heading in for a long tubby, in the hopes that I won’t have to limp around the office tomorrow.

Yes, we are open for business.