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Again, I have to give Michael Graham his props. As a colleague of mine wrote in an e-mail this morning, Mike absolutely nails it. I would go so far as to defy anyone to find a better summation anywhere of the parochial, retchingly chummy nature of Boston’s politics.

Actually, check that. It is possible that Kyle Cheney’s coverage of the special commission on pensions on the State House News Service (subscription required) is in the running. Watching the commission in action Monday, or lack of action I should write, I was reminded of a high school cafeteria and its division between the nerds and the cool kids, in this case the unions and their legislative representatives on the commission, who spend more time at the meetings hamming it up than attempting to debate badly needed reforms.

My favorite quote from Kyle’s coverage of Monday’s meeting is this:

The commission, meeting for the third time, is aiming to put out an interim report on July 1 that commission chairwoman Alicia Munnell said would be “fairly innocuous” and contain “no recommendations, no proposals, nothing.”

Summer beach reading?