2010 Hewitt Health Care Lecture

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In 2006, Pioneer Institute launched an effort to endow a healthcare research and lecture program in memory of its former chairman, “Colby” Hewitt. To donate to the Hewitt Endowment, click here.

2010 Lecture: “A Historical Overview of Health Care Reform”

Earlier this spring, Dr. Jeffrey S. Flier, Dean of Harvard Medical School, gave Pioneer Institute’s annual Hewitt Health Care Lecture. Occurring just days after the passage of the massive federal health care law, Dr. Flier gave a provocative talk that outlined his concerns about health care reform over two decades and especially in the new law. Building on his Wall Street Journal opinion pieces that ran previous to the passage of the law, Dr. Flier provided a much-needed wake-up call from the perspective of a top researcher, practitioner and dean of arguably the world’s greatest medical school.

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