The Connector Supports President Obama’s Reelection?

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Connector and Obama

The Connector held its annual retreat this past weekend, and since the omnipresent Health Care for All (HCFA) representatives were not in attendance to write up a summary, I thought I would provide an overview of what was discussed at the meeting, and outline some of the future challenges for the Connector. The agenda can be found here.

I must mention a moment that I found especially troubling.

Politics at the Connector.

Secretary Gonzalez made a statement during a conversation about protecting the reputation of the Connector and media coverage that struck me as odd. He said that the Connector needs to be seen positively as it means a great deal to the political future of the Governor and the President. He encouraged board members to use the Connector staff as a resource so they are “well armed with information” to present a positive story about the Connector.

Appropriate political positioning for a quasi-public agency? I will let you decide.

This blog post is part 1 of 4 from the Connector meeting.

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