Next Step in Reform: Cost Control

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The President & CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), an employer association of 6,000 Bay State businesses and institutions, has an interesting piece in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette today that sets the goal line for reform.

We will know the reform works when the same employers who supported a 2006 reform that expanded coverage but did not control costs no longer suffer a sick feeling in the stomach every time they sit down to review premium increases with their health plans. We will know the reform works when employees no longer wonder whether they can afford rising deductibles. And we will know the reform works when the cost of health insurance ceases to be a structural impediment to job growth and economic recovery in Massachusetts.”

In this election season, 3 minute responses to a Mass Medical Society interview give us a brief window into the gubernatorial candidates thinking on cost control.

What are the major health care issues you will tackle as governor, and what are your solutions?

Charlie Baker

Deval Patrick

Tim Cahill

Jill Stein