Data Neglect at Massachusetts’s Data Agency (CHIA/DHCFP)

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The agency responsible for much of the publicly available data on healthcare in Massachusetts appears to be falling asleep at the wheel.

The newly renamed Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) has fallen woefully behind on releasing regular reports on their website. While Massachusetts embarks on a massive reconfiguration of our marketplace (Chapter 224) and so much national attention lingers on the state’s 2006 experiment, the agency that has helped to inform policymakers is missing in action.

In some cases, regular reports have not been updated since before the current Commissioner took over 16 months ago.

In my mind, this raises some serious questions about what CHIA is being asked to do under Chapter 224. How can the state guide a $18 Billion healthcare system, when its primary data agency struggles to collect and report out even the most routine reports?

The Governor has included an additional $2.8 M in his budget for CHIA, but they receive $22M annually already. Is this what the future implementation of cost containment looks like?

For example, on their publications website:

Employers Who Have 50 or More Employees Using Public Assistance 

Please Note: The 2010 report will be available shortly.

The Employer Free Rider Surcharge

Last report examined 2009 data.


Fair Share Contribution

Last report examined 2010 data.


Insurance Surveys  

Employers Health Insurance Survey

Last survey report was from 2010.

Household Health Insurance Survey

Last survey report was from 2010.


Student Health Program

Last report looked at 2010 data.


Key Indicators (Health Care in Massachusetts)

Quarterly Enrollment Update June 2011 Edition (available shortly)

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