Be Careful What You Ask For

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When I read the informative report released by DHCFP and reported on in the Boston Globe today, I was struck by how well this insurance seems to meet the needs of most students. 

Less than 1% of students reach the caps that are imposed by the plans.  That seems like a small number to me.  And, the Safety Net Pool will wrap around these plans if the services that exceed that amount are sought in a hospital or community health center. 

So, what’s real beef here?  I think some legislators cannot stand that insurance companies are a business and like any other for-profit business need to make a profit.  Is the solution to require every student have coverage equivalent to MCC?  I don’t think so.  Students can barely afford the tuition and fees they are required to pay now. 

The State is correct to think more about this situation and to recommend a solution that fits the problem.