Grace Phan Jones is Pioneer’s Manager of Audio/Visual Media. Grace is a student of political science at Boston College, where she is currently writing her Master’s thesis on education policy. A graduate of St. John’s College, Annapolis, her work embraces the intersection of classical political philosophy and practical public policy issues of today. Grace has worked for the Maryland General Assembly and in the private sector as an Analyst for Baron Public Affairs in Washington, D.C. Fluent in French, she has conducted research on eighteenth-century French grand strategy at Hudson Institute. After completing the Hertog Political Studies Summer Fellowship, she co-led courses at Hertog Foundation on U.S.-China strategic competition, the history of free speech, and religion and politics. A native Chicagoan, Grace has studied Ancient Greek at the University of Chicago. She has also engaged in local activism and journalism concerning issues such as the distribution of community resources and the significance of urban citizenship, with writing published by Northwestern University Press.