I am about to toss my cookies

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That was my dad’s self-edited way of expressing his disregard for stupidity. Granted my dad was a marine and therefore knew other ways to express his disgust. He was also a Greek immigrant and, because he went to war as a young guy, largely self-educated. He understood how essential it was to know math and English and U.S. History to succeed in a country where the haves have a red carpet out for them.

Well, when a friend passed on this morsel — a video with Cookie Monster peddling 21st-century skills — there is little else I could say… especially in a blog post where I cannot employ spicier words for these donkeys. The lack of critical thought and faddishness among the pushers of the latest education drug are astounding. See for yourself here.

I am decidedly for keeping this junk food out of the schools.