Great news on Roxbury Prep Charter School

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Here is a great outcome from the passage of the charter school cap lift in January: the Roxbury Prep charter middle school, which is a standout in raising student achievement is announcing that it is going to replicate! from the announcement passed on by Dana Lehman and Will Austin, currently co-directors at RP:

We plan to serve up to 2,000 children by 2020, playing a significant role in reshaping public education in Boston…

As of July 1, Dana will become Uncommon Schools’ Managing Director of the Boston network and begin the process of charter applications and planning for the opening the first new Roxbury Prep campus in 2011-2012…

Roxbury Prep is formally partnering with Uncommon Schools, Inc. Uncommon Schools, Inc. (Uncommon) is a nonprofit organization that starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. Currently based in New York and New Jersey, Uncommon has a national reputation for closing the achievement gap at scale…

Congrats to RoxPrep — and we look forward to seeing the new campuses, as do so many parents in Boston!