Anti-Common Core News Round-up (May 3): Daily Caller, Heritage, AFT, Ed Week, Wash Times, IN, MO, NY, WI, ID, TN, AZ

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As opposition to Common Core national  education standards picks up steam across the country, with more grassroots activism and movement among state and national political leaders, we’ll do our best to bring you the latest news on this front. See today’s round-up below:

DAILY CALLER: Common Core a common enemy for some conservatives, liberals

HERITAGE: Indiana Reconsiders Common Core

AFT: Weingarten sparks dialogue on Common Core standards
Education Week: Paul Horton takes down Common Core advocates’ “conspiracy theory” sound bite
IN: Pence Says He Won’t Prejudge Common Core, But Favors Pause
Washington Times: Critics join common cause to block Common Core school standards
MO: Critics question Common Core education standards at St. Louis County meeting
MO: Common Core standards discussed and questioned
NY: Common Core standards in New York State not benefitting children
NY: Groups to hold forum on high-stakes tests, Common Core standards
Common Core: Will Testing Be Its Fatal Flaw?
WI: Americans have a common cause in battle against Common Core State Standards
TN: Second Common Core meeting to draw 700-plus opponents
ID: Anti Common Core in Idaho
ID: Objections continue about Idaho schools using Common Core standards
AZ: The hard sell of the Common Core State Standards Initiative