The Roger Perry Internship Program

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Please note that all internships for Summer 2023 have been filled. We invite applicants for 2024 to review the information below and apply with us next year.

About Pioneer

Pioneer Institute is an independent nonpartisan, privately funded research organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in Massachusetts through civic discourse and intellectually rigorous, data-driven public policy solutions based on free market principles, individual liberty, and responsibility, and the ideal of effective, limited and accountable government. Our main policy focuses are first and foremost on education, as well as healthcare, better government, and economic opportunity for all. We are a resource for the public, legislators on Beacon Hill, and staff in the State’s executive offices, and we attract more media coverage than any other research institute in Massachusetts.

The Roger Perry Internship Program

Pioneer has established the Roger Perry Internship Program to support undergraduate and graduate-level students who seek opportunities to enhance their educational experience with practical training in an energetic and creative public policy environment. In providing students a foundation of knowledge in research, fundraising, communications, and marketing, we aim to build the next generation of policy leaders who will bring innovations to both government and the private sector.

Five interns will be selected to assist Pioneer in three areas of the organization’s operation: government transparency, communications, and development. Additionally, Pioneer will provide opportunities for interns to meet with members of our staff and Board of Directors who will provide insight and commentary regarding their own professional careers.

Each intern will have a schedule of two full-time days per week. The internships will commence in mid- to late May and continue until the end of July or early August—a duration of 10 weeks.

Government Transparency Internship (three openings) 

The intern with a keen interest in public policy will act in the role of an investigative journalist and be trained to use Pioneer Institute’s government transparency websites on government revenue and spending, the economy, the labor force, and taxation. Using these websites, the intern will seek to uncover trends in government activities, job creation, interstate taxpayer migration, and other topics, as well as develop blogs to be published on Pioneer’s website. Throughout the internship, the intern will learn and develop hands-on experience in:

  • Reviewing and evaluating data in order to identify pertinent facts and details based on templates and topics approved by staff
  • Writing and editing findings in the form of blogs
  • Working with Pioneer’s communications team to promote their work through social media


The ideal candidate will be a college junior or senior majoring in political science, journalism, economics, or communications. Applications from all majors will be considered. The following characteristics will help the intern maximize his or her educational experience at Pioneer Institute:

  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Experience using large datasets, including cleaning, filtering, and creating charts and other graphics
  • Ability to work closely with staff and receive constructive feedback
  • High motivation and superior problem-solving abilities
  • Graphic design skills are a plus
  • Availability for two days a week

Communications Internship (one opening) 

The intern will learn about Pioneer’s communications strategy, including expanding social media presence, email marketing, and managing relations with press/media. In addition, the intern will assist with maintaining and improving the Pioneer website. There will be training in e-marketing and opportunities to learn about nonprofit marketing strategy.


The ideal candidate will be a college sophomore, junior, or senior in communications, political science, marketing, public policy, economics, communications, media, or a related field. Applications from all majors will be accepted, but the following characteristics will help the intern maximize his or her educational experience at Pioneer Institute:

  • Proficiency in social media use for promotion purposes
  • Some experience in web design preferred but not necessary
  • High motivation and problem-solving abilities
  • Availability for at least two days a week
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office

Development Internship (one opening) 

The Development Intern will assist our Development team in a variety of roles, including:

  • Assisting with event preparation and execution
  • Conducting donor research and assisting with identification of prospects
  • Supporting digital programming and webinar series
  • Creating and updating outreach and mailing lists
  • Proofreading grant applications and reports
  • Drafting and editing fundraising materials
  • Providing additional administrative support to the Development team as needed

The ideal candidate will be entering their third or fourth year of college with a major in political science, journalism, economics, communications, or a range of areas relevant to think tank work. We’re looking for an intern who is committed to our nonprofit, public-interest mission and values. The following characteristics will help the intern maximize their educational experience at Pioneer Institute:

  • General interest in fundraising or nonprofit administration
  • Strong writing, research, and problem-solving abilities
  • Highly motivated self-starter with excellent written/oral communication skills
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and strategy

Throughout the course of the internship, the Development Intern will gain valuable nonprofit experience, learning and refining critical skills such as fundraising, marketing, grant writing, communications, and event planning.

Length of Internship

As detailed above, all internships will start in mid- to late May and will continue until the end of July or early August (10 weeks). Interns will be expected to commit to the equivalent of two full-time days per week. Most likely, interns will be expected to work remotely.


Pioneer will provide each intern a stipend of $2,500 upon successful completion of the internship.

How to apply

To apply, please forward a resume and a cover letter specifying the role for which you seek consideration to the following people:

Government Transparency: Mary Connaughton,

Communications: Mary Connaughton,

Development: Caitlin Marple,

Please be sure to include in your cover letter details regarding your interest in Pioneer and what you would gain from your experience with the organization.

The deadline for submission of all materials is Friday, February 24, 2023, by the close of business.