In Commentary Magazine, Bari Weiss Takes on Wokeness and Cancel Culture

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Author and journalist Bari Weiss is out with a new article in Commentary magazine on why and how we should fight the “woke revolution.” One word: courage.

She writes:

A lot of people want to convince you that you need a Ph.D. or a law degree or dozens of hours of free time to read dense texts about critical theory to understand the woke movement and its worldview. You do not. You simply need to believe your own eyes and ears. 

The op-ed is getting national attention and we think you should read it.  It is an adaptation of remarks she delivered in recent weeks at Pioneer Institute’s Peters Lecture. Watch highlights below. The topic was “Rebuilding Our Institutions: Resisting Illiberalism & Unifying Americans,” and Weiss was honored for her courageous stand against the growing, dangerous trend of silencing debate. Weiss resigned her role as an opinion editor at The New York Times last year, citing an “illiberal environment” in which “self-censorship has become the norm.”

Bari’s focus on restoring the free and civil exchange of ideas is a goal we can all get behind. In promoting voices such as Bari’s here in Massachusetts and nationally, Pioneer helps support this ideal and resist the illiberal trend toward silencing and shaming people with differing points of view. We’re pleased to help influence the national conversation (even after a live event is over)!

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