“The Upside-Down Constitution” Pioneer Members’ Breakfast feat. Michael Greve, AEI Scholar

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Pioneer Institute and The Federalist Society co-sponsored this breakfast event featuring special guest, Michael S. Greve, John G. Searle Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Dr. Greve presented an overview of federalism and the US Constitution, charting federalism’s path from its philosophical beginnings through its historic transformation. Dr. Greve is author of the newly released The Upside-Down Constitution, a provocative legal treatise that dispels much of the conventional wisdom to date on the US Constitution.

In his talk, Dr. Greve described how and why the original vision of federalism has given way to a system that rewards self-serving interest groups, and offered thoughts on what a new federalism might look like. Dr. Greve specializes in constitutional law, courts, and business regulation, and heads the American Enterprise Institute’s Transatlantic Law Forum, and he is the Chairman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.