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City Spotlight: Brockton

The concentration of businesses in the city of Brockton has risen steadily, but employment levels still haven’t returned to pre-Great Recession levels, according to Pioneer’s Brockton City Spotlight. City Spotlights is a new product developed by Pioneer Institute using 16 years of data from its MassEconomixTM and MassAnalysisTM databases.

The SALT Cap: An Accelerator for Tax Flight from Massachusetts

After the authors of the proposed graduated tax in Massachusetts submitted their proposal for legislative approval in 2017, the federal government placed a $10,000 limitation of deductibility of state and local taxes on federal tax returns. This unforeseen change in the federal tax code had the effect of turning what would have been a 58 percent increase in average state income tax payments among Massachusetts millionaires, from $160,786 to $254,355, into what is essentially a 147 percent increase when the federal SALT limitation is included in the calculation. This substantial change should be taken into consideration by voters when they contemplate approving the surtax proposal.