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On or Off Campus Housing for Boston’s Students?

With the new academic year upon us, students attending schools in the Boston area have settled into their new dorms or apartments. Many students, especially upperclassmen, prefer to move to off-campus apartments to avoid the high costs associated with living on campus. This is most apparent among Boston students who pay the second highest bill for sleeping and eating of any city in the country. Just look at the yearly and monthly expenses for the cheapest housing options from the following schools: School Room & Board Cost Monthly Cost Emerson College $15,700 $1,962.50 Harvard University $15,381 $1,922.62 Boston College $15,001 $1,875.12 Suffolk University $14,648 $1,831.00 Boston University $14,520 $1,815.00 Northeastern University $14,472 $1,809.00 Tufts University $13,094 $1,636.75 (Note these costs include the […]

Thoughts on the Amtrak/MBTA Signal Debacle at Attleboro Station Last April

A 13 year-old boy damaged an Amtrak signal system along the Providence/Stoughton commuter rail line back in April. According to reports, the boy threw an object at the signal, suffering third-degree burns to his legs and causing long-lasting delays for commuter rail customers using the Franklin, Providence/Stoughton, and Needham lines. While delays are almost routine along these and other commuter rail lines, this one involved Amtrak and exactly whose responsibility it was to fix the problem left commuters scratching their heads. Historically, the Providence/Stoughton line has been plagued by delays due to anything from mechanical failures to signal problems. Quite often, the MBTA blames Amtrak for delays because Amtrak trains have priority over MBTA trains since they own and operate […]