Additional Resources- U.S House

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  1. Athenian Democracy, 6th Century BC
  2. House of Commons of the United Kingdom 13-14th centuries to the present
  3. House of Burgesses, Colony of Virginia, 1642-1776
  4. Continental Congress, 1774-1789
  5. The Federalist Papers: No. 52 (1788), by “Publius” James Madison or Alexander Hamilton
  6. The Constitution of the United States, Article. I. Section. 2., The National Archives
  7. Frederick Muhlenberg, Speaker of the House of Representatives in the First Congress, 1789
  8. 1800 United States Presidential Election
  9. John Randolph, by Henry Adams
  10. Henry Clay: The Essential American, by David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler
  11. The House of Representatives, Samuel F. B. Morse, 1822
  12. 1824 United States Presidential Election
  13. Henry Clay: Statesman for the Union, by Robert V. Remini
  14. Arguing about Slavery: John Quincy Adams and the Great Battle in the United States Congress, by William Lee Miller
  15. John Quincy Adams: American Visionary, by Fred Kaplan
  16. A Country of Vast Designs: James K. Polk, the Mexican War and the Conquest of the American Continent, by Robert W. Merry
  17. The Diaries of John Quincy Adams 1779-1848: A Library of America Boxed Set, by John Quincy Adams
  18. Thaddeus Stevens: Civil War Revolutionary, Fighter for Racial Justice, by Bruce Levine
  19. The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation, by Brenda Wineapple
  20. Capitol Men: The Epic Story of Reconstruction Through the Lives of the First Black Congressmen, by Phillip Dray
  21. Speaker!: The Life and Times of Thomas B. Reed The Man Who Broke the Filibuster, by James Grant
  22. Speaker Joseph G. Cannon
  23. Jeanette Rankin: America’s Conscience, by Norma Smith
  24. Nicholas Longworth: The Aristocrat Speaker, by Donald C. Bacon and Anthony M. Champagne
  25. Speaker John “Cactus Jack” Nance Garner, (1931-1933)
  26. Rayburn: A Biography, by D. B. Hardeman and Donald C. Bacon
  27. Forge of Democracy: the House of Representatives, by Neil MacNeil
  28. John William McCormack: A Political Biography, by Garrison Nelson
  29. Tip O’Neill and the Democratic Century: A Biography, by John A. Farrell
  30. Shirley Chisholm: A Biography, by Susan Brownmiller
  31. Man of the House: The Life and Political Memoirs of Speaker Tip O’Neill, by Tip O’Neill
  32. Masters of The House: Congressional Leadership Over Two Centuries, by Roger H. Davidson and Susan Hammond
  33. Speaker Jim Wright: Power, Scandal, and the Birth of Modern Politics, by J. Brooks Flippen
  34. Contract with America, by Newt Gingerich et al.
  35. Citizen Newt: The making of a Reagan Conservative, by Craig Shirley
  36. The American Speakership: The Office in Historical Perspective, by Professor Ronald M. Peters, Jr.
  37. Across that Bridge: Life Lessons and a Vision for Change, by John Lewis
  38. The Lobbyists: How Influence Peddlers Work Their Way in Washington, by Jeffery Birnbaum
  39. Pelosi, by Molly Ball
  40. The House: The History of the House of Representatives, by Robert V. Remini