More Information about the Memorials and Monuments

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The Sacred Cod of Massachusetts, State House, Boston, MA

Massasoit Statue, Plymouth, MA

Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown, MA

The Puritan, Springfield, MA

Statue of Anne Hutchinson, State House, Boston

The Salem Witch Trials Memorial, Salem, MA

The Minute Man, Concord, MA

James Otis, Jr. & Mercy Otis Warren, Barnstable/Cape Cod, MA

The Boston Women’s Memorial, Commonwealth Ave., Boston

Equestrian statue of Paul Revere, the North End, Boston

John Adams, the Boston Athenæum, MA

Statue of Alexander Hamilton, Commonwealth Ave., Boston

The Whaleman Statue & Seamen’s Bethel Cenotaphs, New Bedford, MA

Boston Irish Famine Memorial, Boston, MA

Homage to Women, Lowell, MA

Nathaniel Hawthorne Statue, Salem, MA

Frederick Douglass, Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

Sojourner Truth Memorial Statue, Florence, MA

Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw & the Massachusetts 54th Regiment, Boston Common/Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial, Gloucester, MA

Calvin Coolidge Memorial Bridge, Northampton, MA

Statues of James Michael Curley, Boston, MA

New England Holocaust Memorial, Boston, MA

Statues of Bill Russell & Red Auerbach, Boston, MA

Statue of John F. Kennedy, State House, Boston, MA


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