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A Modest Proposal to Raise Federal Revenue

As a way to tackle drug prices, President Joe Biden recently announced that he supports the so-called “inflation rebate,” which would require drug companies to give the federal government any revenue from Medicare drug prices above the general rate of inflation. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have also publicly endorsed the inflation rebate.

Public statement on new federal rule eliminating “skimming” of dues from caregivers’ Medicaid payments

Pioneer Institute applauds a new rule announced by the U.S. Centers…

Can State Pensioners Pay for Future Medically Necessary Long-term Care?

At some point many people find themselves needing help to care…

Video: The 2012 Better Government Competition Awards Ceremony

[vimeo height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"]http://vimeo.com/50264658[/vimeo] On…

Tax the Rich (Doctors) and Lower the Cost of Healthcare

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The Great Experiment

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2012 Hewitt Health Care Lecture

Pioneer's 2012 Hewitt Health Care Lecture enjoyed record attendance, and featured a presentation by Dr. Don Berwick, formerly the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Dr. Berwick was followed by James Capretta, Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.