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MBTA Station Leak Tracker

While more than half of the MBTA’s stations are in need of repair, it’s not the MBTA’s highest priority to fix them. The Massachusetts Transportation Secretary has made it clear that the MBTA still prioritizes buying new vehicles and installing new tracks before basic station maintenance.

MBTA stations have puddles even during the middle of summer. Mold crawls along damp walls, making it hard for some passengers to breathe. Umbrellas are used indoors during even minor storms, since it’s often raining in the stations as well.

MBTA riders deserve better. Pioneer Institute believes that transparency is essential to an effective government. What better way to promote change than to display the most basic of infrastructural damages– a leak– somewhere where the MBTA and the state can see? Submit your leak locations to the form below.

Although Pioneer can collect the data, we want your help in devising a solution. Have one in mind? Submit it to our Better Government Competition for a chance to win $10,000.

While the map updates automatically every five hours, the below charts give live updates on the data. See which stations are most often reports, and which lines have the most reoccurring issues.