A Practically 100% Guaranteed Free Ride

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The House wants to transfer $314 million to the MBTA for operations and the governor wants to transfer $254 million. Perhaps those numbers could be made a bit smaller if the MBTA and Keolis do their job: collect fares.

Let me hedge. My comments are based on what I observe. I take an express train to Boston three times a week from Framingham. For the most part, fares for Framingham riders are collected. They are for those boarding in West Natick, too. But after the train crosses into Boston, fare collection seems to simply stop. Boston Landing, Lansdowne and Back Bay riders all travel for free as the train ventures east.

On the return trip, from what I see, it’s the same story. Get on in Boston, get off in Boston no charge.

So the worst kept secret in Boston is out.