Massachusetts’ current regulations for land use, housing development and environmental protection are failing us on many levels. They drive up the cost of housing, which, in turn, drives away our workforce, the key to Massachusetts’ economic competitiveness. Just as importantly, current regulations too often help degrade the very environmental, agricultural and recreational resources they are supposed to protect.

Pioneer’s CEO seeks practical solutions that both bolster the state’s economy and preserve its natural resources.

Pioneer’s Housing Database

In 2005, Pioneer compiled the housing regulations for 187 cities and towns in eastern and central Massachusetts. This invaluable tool was the basis for our studies Regulation and the Rise of Housing Prices in Greater Boston and Housing and Land Use Policy in Massachusetts. To view your own town’s regulations or to compare specific regulations across cities and towns, please visit

Presentations for the July 19th Event


During the past 18 months Amy Dain, Pioneer’s Project Manager for the Initiative on Local Housing Regulation, presented her work throughout the state. A number of people who have seen her present have since requested copies of her power point presentation. To download the power point, please click here.

Coming Up

Pioneer’s CEO is set to release over the next months a paper suggesting reforms to public housing to increase housing choices for low income families and the incentives for public housing residents to work.

Also, Pioneer’s CEO is seeking an author for a paper to suggest reforms to the Commonwealth’s building codes. If you are a professional or academic in the fields of architecture or city planning, please contact Steve Poftak.