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New Video Release: The Time To Act

For 23 years, Pioneer has fought to improve Massachusetts public schools.  The fact is all parents deserve access to good school choices.  The fight can take many forms, including reforms to our district schools and greater access to vocational-technical schools, interdistrict choice programs, METCO, and charter public schools.

Through research, the incubation and training of charter entrepreneurs and boards, and public engagement with the media and community leaders,

Pioneer has helped foster the highest-quality charter public school sector in the nation. Massachusetts’ urban charter public schools are often as good as schools in our wealthiest suburban districts. That’s a big deal for kids who have few other good choices.

Today, Pioneer is pleased to present a powerful video about the bigger picture – why the fight to expand charter public schools matters to all of us.

Once you see it, please share “The Time To Act” with your networks, and as far and wide as you can.

“The Time to Act” follows dozens of other videos we have produced demonstrating what charters mean to communities around the state. To date, these videos have been viewed by almost 200,000 people on YouTube and Facebook.

Help us share this video with hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents, so they can learn about the power and promise of charter public schools.