University Presidents Salary Comparison, Pt. 1

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New England is a region known for its exceptional higher education, both public and private. Many Ivy League and other top-tier schools call New England home, and their presidents receive significant financial compensation. 

For example, Peter Salovey, president of Yale, makes around $1.9 million a year, and former Harvard president Lawrence Bacow made around $1.3 million annually. However, their counterparts in the public university system receive less fanfare when it comes to their salaries. This blog will look at the presidents of New England flagship universities and how their salaries match up.



Marty Meehan, the president of UMASS, makes the most compared to other New England public university presidents. According to MassOpenBooks, Meehan brings in over $730,000 a year, which puts him in the top 10 highest paid state employees. 

Highest-Paid Employees at UMASS
Source: MassOpenBooks


Next up is Radenka Maric, the president of UCONN. Maric makes around $631,000 a year, with a lot of room for incentives. Maric receives a $90,000 annual bonus if she meets certain goals set by the university, and she is also able to receive an extra $250,000 if she remains president through June, 2027.



The president of UVM, Suresh Garimella, comes in at third, bringing in $484,000. He also makes an additional $150,000 each year in deferred compensation, according to the Burlington Free Press. On top of the deferred payments, Garimella enjoys other benefits that come with his position. UVM’s president receives free housing in the Engelsby House, which received a $1.3 million renovation in 2012.



URI president Marc Palange is next, bringing in $480,769. That salary makes Palange the second highest paid state employee in Rhode Island, behind URI’s basketball coach, Ryan Miller. Palange just joined the university in Fall 2021, and he makes less than his predecessor, David Dooley, who made more than $500,000.

Salaries of New England Public University Presidents
Source: MassOpenBooks, CTInsider, UVM, Providence Journal, University System of New Hampshire, UMaine


Next up is UNH President, James W. Dean. Dean brings in $466,000, which makes him the highest paid state employee in New Hampshire.



Finally, UMAINE’s Joan Ferrini-Mundy is last on this list, bringing in $360,500 a year.


Overall, the presidents at these public universities make less than their public counterparts, but there are amenities and bonuses that try to even the score. Also, these president’s are paid by the states, making them all somewhere in the top of their respective states’ top-paid public employees.

About the Author:

Teddy Wynn is a Roger Perry government transparency intern with the Pioneer Institute. He recently graduated from Hamilton College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in World Politics. Feel free to reach out via email, Linkedin, or write a letter to Pioneer’s Office in Boston.