Agenda for Leadership 2015

Paperback available.

Paperback ISBN: 978-0692429976

Price: $9.95

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Speaking inquiries: Jim Stergios and/or Mary Connaughton would be pleased to appear before groups of 40 or more to share key insights from Agenda for Leadership. Please direct inquiries to Micaela Dawson at

Pioneer Institute’s Jim Stergios and Mary Connaughton talk about Agenda for Leadership 2015, a detailed plan that seeks to address the increasing stratification of our society, an important national debate in which Massachusetts can play a leadership role. The book offers practical proposals to bring about social mobility across four policy areas – education, healthcare, better government and economic opportunity – to restore the freedom to prosper and pursue happiness in the Bay State. Agenda for Leadership 2015 is available now and can be ordered online.

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