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Date added January 5, 2022
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Category Health Care, Health Care Policy (Federal), Health Care Policy (MA), White Papers

Date: January 5, 2022


Josh Archambault, Senior Fellow, Cicero Institute, Pioneer Institute
Vittorio Nastasi, Policy Analyst, Reason Foundation

This toolkit aims to help policymakers take the next step toward a more quality-oriented, affordable, and innovative
health system by ensuring that their state laws on telehealth remove deleterious barriers that have historically
discriminated against those in certain geographies, such as those living in rural communities or in underserved urban
areas. This report explains policy best practices for ensuring that providers and patients can fully realize the benefits
of using telehealth services when appropriate and provides a simple-to-read stoplight rating for each state on how
closely their policies align with those best practices. The state profiles point state lawmakers to specific sections of law
and regulation that need to change to improve their ranking. States need to act now to ensure the physical and economic