Press Releases

Public Statement: A Responsible Reply to the Fall River Superintendent’s Comments

March 18, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study Finds Massachusetts Lagging on Transparency of Public Official Statements of Financial Interest

March 12, 2019/by Editorial Staff

New Study Finds Multiple Problems with Push for Social-Emotional Learning in K-12 Education

March 11, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Teacher Unions Support Progressive Taxation, but Maintain Flat-Rate Membership Dues Structure

March 7, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Whistleblowers Were Proven Right: MBTARF Was Underreporting Its Unfunded Pension Liabilities

March 6, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Pioneer Institute Public Statement on the MBTA’s Proposal to Increase Fares by 6.3 Percent

March 4, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study Finds Patient Cost for MRI Largely Unrelated to Overall Price or Insurer Contribution at 14 MA Hospitals

February 26, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Majority of Dues Paid by Mass. Public Higher Education Faculty Goes to State, National Union Affiliates

February 21, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study Says State Unfunded Pension Liability Rising Despite Recent Reforms, Overall Strong Economy

February 19, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study: After Janus, Public Employees Should Only Pay Union Dues, Fees After Knowing, Intelligent Waiver

February 14, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study: Financial Impact of Charter Schools Depends on Percentage of Funding Districts Receive from State

February 13, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study Urges Caution Before Adopting ICER Reviews to Determine Cost Effectiveness of Treatments

January 24, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Public Statement on Alma del Mar Charter School Expansion

January 15, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Study: After-School Programs Can Help Improve Flat or Declining Math Achievement

January 9, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Press Release: Pioneer Institute Filed Amicus Brief in Case Applying Supreme Court’s Janus Ruling to MA

January 8, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Announcing Pioneer Institute’s 2019 Better Government Competition: “Moving People & Goods Forward”

January 3, 2019/by Editorial Staff

Leading Public Intellectual Steven Pinker to Headline 2018 Lovett C. Peters Lecture in Public Policy

December 4, 2018/by Editorial Staff

Review of MBTA Twitter Alerts Finds Fewer “Delayed” Trains, Corresponding Increase in Those “Running Behind”

December 3, 2018/by Editorial Staff

Public Statement on MBTA Ridership & Pension Costs

November 29, 2018/by Editorial Staff

“Catch-22” of State Prevailing Wage Law Prevents Flagger Reform from Achieving Significant Savings

November 26, 2018/by Editorial Staff

Co-author of Landmark Longfellow Bridge Study Optimistic about State Infrastructure Maintenance Investments

November 19, 2018/by Editorial Staff