Buoy Health – Intelligent Front Door to Optimized Healthcare

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We are launching Pioneer’s new podcast, Hubwonk, in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. Healthcare is top of mind for all of us. In this first episode, host Joe Selvaggi talks with Dr. Andrew Le, cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of Buoy Health.  He is joined by Josh Archambault, Pioneer Institute’s Senior Fellow in Healthcare.  In this discussion, they explore where the idea for Buoy originated, what problems in the healthcare system it is designed to address, the ways the application harnesses artificial intelligence, and what benefits its technology can offer users and the healthcare system broadly. Josh Archambault links the benefits found in Buoy Health to broader trends toward using technology to remove barriers to healthcare information. Read Buoy Health’s case study, which Andrew discusses in the interview, here.


About Our Interview Guest

As Co-founder and Chief Executive of Buoy Health, Dr. Andrew Le leads Buoy’s sales, fundraising, culture, and vision. Before Buoy, he was a 4th-year at Harvard Medical School, where he researched and published his work on brain cancer. Andrew graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Economics.

Buoy provides a personalized all-in-one platform to help guide consumers back to health. Whether it’s chatting about symptoms with Buoy Assistant to get help in the moment of sickness or researching benefits through Buoy Dashboard, Buoy is available 24/7 to help make self-diagnosis and navigating the healthcare system simple and easy. For employers, Buoy can be custom configured to surface benefits information and wellness programs, guide employees to in-network providers, and fully integrate with other health portals — providing a single, simple destination for employee wellbeing.

About Our Guest Co-Host

Joshua Archambault is Pioneer’s Senior Fellow on Health Care Policy. Prior to joining Pioneer, Josh was selected as a Health Policy Fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. His research centered on the treatment of small businesses in the implementation of health reform in Massachusetts, and proposed alternative paths for other states to pursue. Other past research has focused on delivery system reforms in Massachusetts as a cost containment measure from increasing health care spending.

Josh served as Legislative Director for State Senator Scott Brown and as a Senior Legislative Aide in the Governor’s Office of Legislative Affairs.

He holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School and a BA in Political Studies and Economics from Gordon College.

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