The EZ-ID License Plate Program

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The EZ-ID License Plate Program offers a unique reform to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) license plate system. The program is designed to make motor vehicle license plates more easily recognizable for law enforcement purposes. It incorporates an easily recognizable symbol such as a circle, square, triangle, heart, diamond or star into the registration number itself. The program would be mandatory for all general issue plates, but would exempt specialty, vanity, and low number license plates as these are already more easily recognizable. Typically, three of the symbols would be standard issue for the general public, and three symbols would be considered optional. The Commonwealth would generate new incremental revenues from the sale of optional symbols and low-number-plus-symbol vanity plates. As the program matures, the RMV would be capable of adding new symbols for both standard and optional plates.

Download Report: The EZ-ID License Plate Program