Well, that's going well….

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A bit of weirdness in today’s Globe article on the final meeting of the MBTA board of directors:

Board members had also been expecting to hear a report from the MBTA’s chief of operations, Richard Leary, in response to safety concerns raised by the federal government about a fatal crash on the Green Line in May 2008.

Board members voted last month to require Leary to deliver the report before the board dissolved.

But Leary, who is eligible for retirement, did not show up at the meeting, and the T’s interim general manager, William A. Mitchell Jr., said he did not know where Leary was.

“He has been nonresponsive on coming forward,’’ said Janice Loux, a board member who has been critical of the T’s response to the crash. “I am very disappointed that he’s not going to make that presentation.’’

Aloisi said he shared the sentiment.

Leary did not return a message left by a Globe reporter on his cellphone yesterday either.

The General Manager and the Transportation Secretary can’t find the Chief of Operations for the MBTA?

G-dspeed, Jeff Mullan.